Geography Education Game

QeoDart is a free geography education game.
more information in the QeoDart wiki


Operating System* Portable Version Installation Package
Linux (i386): QeoDart 2.0a120606_network (32 bit) QeoDart 2.0a120629_network (Ubuntu 10.04+ 32 bit)
Linux (amd64): QeoDart 2.0a120606_network (64 bit) QeoDart 2.0a120629_network (Ubuntu 10.04+ 64 bit)
Windows: QeoDart 2.0a120606_network (32 bit) coming soon
Windows CE: QeoDart 2.0a120606_network (armv4i) not available
OS/2: QeoDart 2.0a (unofficial) not available
All: Source Code

* tested under Kubuntu 32/64 bit (free download), Windows 7 32 bit, Windows CE Core 5.0;
Mac OS user can compile QeoDart using Qt Creator (free download, see INSTALL, section “Qt Creator”)


Portable Version

  1. right click on downloaded file and click on “Extract Archive Here”, “Extract All”, or the like
  2. open the folder QeoDart
  3. (double) click QeoDart

N.B.: The portable version saves every setting in the file called QeoDart.conf and does not touch any other files. When this file is deleted, the portable version behaves like the normal version, i. e. the settings are saved in the user's home directory. Furthermore, you can combine e. g. the portable version for Linux and Windows so that you can use them with the same settings. Just copy the file QeoDart of the Linux version to the folder of the portable Windows version.